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Here is a fun map of the Ohio power outage:


It's fun because there are so many outages that when you click it, Firefox crashes.

Aug. 29th, 2008

PAX updates:

Played Starcraft II, and it looks gorgeous.

Played Gears of War II which played exactly like the first gears, but with more disgusting chainsawing:

The Fallout 3 booth was madness. Going to play that tomorrow, along with Left 4 Dead which has the most fucking crazy insane line ever.

I've met a lot of really cool people so far too, and despite the difficulties at the beginning of the trip it's now shaping out to be a lot of fun. Ken Levine's keynote was really great, and paid proper homage to Wil Wheaton's keynote of last year (who I saw into with MC Frontalot with in like 5 seconds of each other.) The Q&A session with Gabe and Tycho followed that and they did their laurel and hardy thing which was really great to see.They also came out in full on cape regalia to this song. Still to come is the concert with Jonathan Colton and Freezepop which I'm really looking forward to.

I'm off to scavenge for food here's a picture of 7,000 nerds waiting to see Ken Levine:

Aug. 29th, 2008

Got here in Seattle more or less intact, which is one good thing. Now for coffee and food. Sarah Palin just got announced at McCain's VP. Interesting development.
Well it's official. I work for Amazon.com now.
"Hey-hey-hey," Karl says, spotting the suit in the plastic bag. "Got your love-shoes, man, got your swappo-socks, got everything to match. You a stud-daddy, man, you ready for indecent acts of every sort."

"At 5:22, Dawkit can't even see the screen. All he can see are tall girls, short girls, girls with lazy eyes, girls who walk with lubricated thighs, girls of all sizes, cute as Roach pie."

Meditations in an Emergency

Meditations in an Emergency

Frank O'Hara

Am I to become profligate as if I were a blonde? Or religious
as if I were French?

Each time my heart is broken it makes me feel more adventurous
(and how the same names keep recurring on that interminable
list!), but one of these days there'll be nothing left with
which to venture forth.

Why should I share you? Why don't you get rid of someone else
for a change?

I am the least difficult of men. All I want is boundless love.

Even trees understand me! Good heavens, I lie under them, too,
don't I? I'm just like a pile of leaves.

However, I have never clogged myself with the praises of
pastoral life, nor with nostalgia for an innocent past of
perverted acts in pastures. No. One need never leave the
confines of New York to get all the greenery one wishes--I can't
even enjoy a blade of grass unless i know there's a subway
handy, or a record store or some other sign that people do not
totally _regret_ life. It is more important to affirm the
least sincere; the clouds get enough attention as it is and
even they continue to pass. Do they know what they're missing?
Uh huh.

My eyes are vague blue, like the sky, and change all the time;
they are indiscriminate but fleeting, entirely specific and
disloyal, so that no one trusts me. I am always looking away.
Or again at something after it has given me up. It makes me
restless and that makes me unhappy, but I cannot keep them
still. If only i had grey, green, black, brown, yellow eyes; I
would stay at home and do something. It's not that I'm
curious. On the contrary, I am bored but it's my duty to be
attentive, I am needed by things as the sky must be above the
earth. And lately, so great has _their_ anxiety become, I can
spare myself little sleep.

Now there is only one man I like to kiss when he is unshaven.
Heterosexuality! you are inexorably approaching. (How best
discourage her?)

St. Serapion, I wrap myself in the robes of your whiteness
which is like midnight in Dostoevsky. How I am to become a
legend, my dear? I've tried love, but that holds you in the
bosom of another and I'm always springing forth from it like
the lotus--the ecstasy of always bursting forth! (but one must
not be distracted by it!) or like a hyacinth, "to keep the
filth of life away," yes, even in the heart, where the filth is
pumped in and slanders and pollutes and determines. I will my
will, though I may become famous for a mysterious vacancy in
that department, that greenhouse.

Destroy yourself, if you don't know!

It is easy to be beautiful; it is difficult to appear so. I
admire you, beloved, for the trap you've set. It's like a
final chapter no one reads because the plot is over.

"Fanny Brown is run away--scampered off with a Cornet of Horse;
I do love that little Minx, & hope She may be happy, tho' She
has vexed me by this exploit a little too.--Poor silly
Cecchina! or F:B: as we used to call her.--I wish She had a
good Whipping and 10,000 pounds."--Mrs. Thrale

I've got to get out of here. I choose a piece of shawl and my
dirtiest suntans. I'll be back, I'll re-emerge, defeated, from
the valley; you don't want me to go where you go, so I go where
you don't want me to. It's only afternoon, there's a lot
ahead. There won't be any mail downstairs. Turning, I spit in
the lock and the knob turns.


TimsBootlegID: fuck yeah, but the cafch is: Bruce Willis has to go with the nukes
me: right
he's bald!
that means he's a badass
plus i think he fucked demi moore
TimsBootlegID: totally
mo0s def
me: he fucked the shit out of demi moore
TimsBootlegID: double def
he drilled her
me: he was doin it before ashton kutcher was
TimsBootlegID: and then maNUALLY SET OFF THE NUKE
me: no
he shot it with his dual .45's and triggered fission
eye's all squinty, some cuts on his face
TimsBootlegID: the Big Bang?
me: "yippee kayeh motherfucker!"
TimsBootlegID: I knew Intelligent Design wasn't a dead ensd
me: shit
i think we just created a religion
If you guys are in the mood to read a pretty sweet ass novelette about cross dressing marauders in a post-apocalyptic future, pick up the latest issue of Asimov's and read Radio Station St Jack.