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I have nothing to contribute but this:

This has single handedly made my week already. Placebo and Frank Black performing "Where is my mind?"

Dec. 15th, 2008

"The word "fuck" was said 43 times in the first hour of the show.[7] It has also been reported that the series had a total count of 2980 "fucks" , and a cumulative FPM of 1.56."

From the deadwood wikipedia article. I love that they calculated FPM (fucks per minute).


It's too bad they cancelled it. I'd have like to see them finish it.
Everyone should browse around change.gov for a bit. Then there won't be any mis-understanding about Obama's presidential agenda, seeing as how it's all there on the website. Which is essentially the best shit ever.

The Obama Rally

These are pictures I took with my phone at the Obama rally on the 3rd. Was really cool.

Yes, we can. Yes, we can.
Me and Courtney Me and Courtney, grrr.
Jon and Lauren Jon and Lauren
The line of people. The line of people.
Fuck you man. Fuck you man.
Schmaschmortion is bad. Schmaschmortion is bad.
We the people. We the people.

This is a test post from my google phone.

This is the first ever post from my google phone. Your welcome.

Some pictures.

Tim from this weekend at his totally awesome b-day party.

The view from my dashboard on the way home from work.


Is it fucking impossible for you people to not get a cat? Why does everyone insist on getting the one animal that causes me to go into allergenic fucking coma upon entrance to your house. I think they just don't believe me when I say that I am truly and seriously allergic to them. They say "Oh it won't go in my room. We'll keep it off the furniture." It doesn't matter. My head will still feel like it's about to explode. My eyes will swell shut. I will leak goo out of all my orifices. I will be in such an extreme state of swollen, leaky misery that forming a coherent sentence is a chore. This is because I really am allergic to cats. Really, really, allergic to them. And so 9 out of 10 friends have to buy cats.

Fuck cats man. Fuck them straight to hell.

Oct. 2nd, 2008


Sep. 25th, 2008

Man I always forget how ahead of the curve New Order was, then I listen to this song and it's like discovering it all over again.